We know how stressful foul weather can be and how a frightening forecast can make it hard to plan your catering. We hope that you understand that these situations are stressful for us as well. We’ve had to implement the following revised policies:

  • If you choose to cancel your order due to the weather forecast, we MUST receive notice by 3:00PM on the prior business day.
  • We are not able to wait for OPM to announce the Federal Government’s Closing Schedule. If the order hasn’t been canceled, we have no choice but to prepare the food and plan to deliver it to you as scheduled.
  • We understand how stressful these situations are and work very hard to accommodate all concerns. Our staff goes to great effort to get here in foul weather conditions and we simply cannot wait for day-of decisions. We will have to charge for all food that has been prepared. We must receive and acknowledge receipt of your cancellation for it to be enforced.
  • In extremely rare instances, the weather will be so severe that we can’t risk the safety of our drivers. In that instance, no charges will be applied. We will notify you if that step becomes necessary.

This policy applies only to weather emergencies. Our normal 24 to 48-hour cancellation policies are still enforced under normal circumstances.

Reach out to us via your usual method or send your cancelations to info@sinplicitycatering.com

We thank you for your understanding.